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Classroom Phrases

Teacher → Pupil

Can / could you give out these papers, please
Take one between two, please.
You will have to share.
Would you passe the list round, please.
Will you collect in the homework, please, [name]?
Pass you papers/homework up to the front, please.
Whose turn is it?
I think it's your turn, [name].
Take out your books, and turn to page [number].
Write the sentences into your notebooks.
Copy the exercise into your notebooks.
Come out to the blackboard, please, [name],
and write the first sentence.
You can go back to your seat now.
Don't write anything down, yet. Just listen carefully.
If you don't understand, ask me.
Can you repeat what I have just said?
Please all repeat together!
Check your work carefully.
Check that you have written your name on the paper.
Swap/exchange papers with your neighbour.
Pay attention, please.
You can sk questions later.
Concentrate on what you are doing
Cross it out neatly, and write it again.
Leave a margin.
Can I have a volunteer?
I need someonme to help me.
Today we are going to do a role play.
Imagine you are [somebody].
Remeber to bring [something] tomorrow.

Teacher ← Pupil

Can/could you say it again, please.
Can/could you repeat that, please.
Can/could you explain that again, please.
What's the English word for [German word]?
What does [word] mean?
What about?
Can you write it on the blackboard, please?
Can I sit next to [name]?
Can I be excused, please? Can I go to the toilet?
I've made a mistake. Can I have another sheet of paper?
It was my turn!
I've forgotten my book. I left my book at home.
I left my homework at home.
[Name] is away today.
It's not my fault.
Can I do it? I'll do it.
I don't feel well.
When do we get the marks / the results?
When are we writing our next class-test?
What are we going to do next?

Teacher: Encouragement

Have a go! Have another try!
Good! Excellent! Well done! That's great!
That' much better! You're really improving.
I'm really impressed. I knew you could do it!
Stop making excuses.
Don't worry, I'm sure you'll do better next time.
Don't pretend you can't speak English, I know you can.
Practise makes perfect.
Your marks are getting better all the time.
Your marks will get better if you practise more.

Teacher: Discipline

Don't be rude.
Don't disturb your neighbour.
Don't shout, I can hear you.
Stop that nonsense.
Stop making excuses.
Stop being silly/childish.
Don't interrupt when somebody else is talking.
I'm not going to accept work like this.
I'm not going to accept behaviour like this.
I am not going to say this again.
Just sit down and be quiet.
Do your own work. Don't copy. No cheating.
I want you to stay behind after the lesson.
Come and sit at the front, [name].
We will all have to wait until you're ready.
I shall have to speak to your parents on parents' day.

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